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Why IP Video is a Better Investment

– Maureen Bruen

Tired of Pixelated Images?

Are you tired of looking at pixelated images? Have you considered upgrading your existing cameras to IP? Does the investment deter you from the switch? If so, it doesn’t have to.

Over the past six months, I have met surveillance directors and technicians at various gaming properties across the U.S. As they evaluated our equIP Series of High Definition (HD) network cameras either in a 720p and/or 1080p resolution, they were thoroughly impressed with the performance. Why? Because the HD images are clearer-the resolution is three times better with a 720p and six times better with a 1080p than your best analog image.

Honeywell Stories why ip video is a better investment - Pacific Alarm Systems

Take a look at the two images below. One is from the 720p camera; the other is the 1080p. As you can see, the quality is significantly better than the analog, 4-CIF image above.

Here is the same image with a 720p camera.

Honeywell Stories why ip video is a better investment - Pacific Alarm Systems

You may think that quality like this would require a great amount of bandwith and storage space. That is not the case. Most customers do not need to increase their storage footprint. In fact, a 720p camera does not require more bandwidth or storage than a full resolution analog camera. Some found they could even use one 1080p camera over a poker table instead of using multiple analog cameras. They improved the picture quality and reduced their camera count-now that’s a win-win!

This shows the image from the 1080p.

The equIP Series includes two fixed dome housings models: HD3 for indoor and HD4 for vandal proof/outdoor. For those who prefer traditional box cameras, there is an HCD5 Series. Several casinos use the HD3MDIH indoor dome for their game floor surveillance.

Honeywell Stories why ip video is a better investment - Pacific Alarm Systems

They like it because it is low profile and can be recessed or wall/pendant mounted with an optional mounting kit. Both models offer top, low light performance with our true day/night models. A wide dynamic for high contrast areas is also available in all three models with a 720p resolution.

You don’t need to be in the gaming industry to see the benefits of our cameras. They work great in commercial spaces too! Don’t believe me, just try one for yourself…

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