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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ List

These are questions that are often asked by many people seeking home/commercial security. If you have a question we have not answered here, please email us .

Yes, Pacific Alarm Systems can monitor most brands of alarm systems. Pacific Alarm Systems can evaluate your existing system prior to activation. This will allow us to better serve you, as we will be able to evaluate the age, condition, and compatibility of your existing equipment. This will also allow you to discuss other options for upgrading and customizing your alarm system. NOTE: Some alarm companies install proprietary equipment that ONLY THEY can program forcing customers to stay with them.

Two-way communication device enables our operator to communicate directly with the home in the event of an alarm. If you or someone in your family has a medical or other type of emergency or accident, it allows you to communicate with our monitoring station without having to use a handset. It also allows our experienced operators to offer advice and assistance. If there is a burglary, it allows our operator to challenge the burglar and inform the burglar that the police have been dispatched.

Two-Way voice can be configured with most security alarm hardware. One of our security consultants would be glad to visit your home to determine the optimal way to protect your home and family.

Your alarm system has a function whereby your motion sensors are deactivated, while the perimeter sensors are still functioning. This allows you to walk around your house safe in the knowledge that you home is protected while you are at home.

Monitoring rates can vary depending on the amount of hardware, but a rule of thumb is that monitoring will typically cost less than $1 (one dollar) per day.

Your monitoring agreement is typically for 1-2 years. Other alarm companies will ask you to sign a 4 or even 5 year contract. Our customers have that option as well, if they wish to guarantee their monitoring rate for that long. They are not obliged to, however.

We are also pleased to offer nationally recognized Emergency 24, Inc. as our Central Station Monitoring services provider. EM 24 is one of the largest independent monitoring companies in the US & has set the standards for others to follow.

If you move within the region (North Coast of Oregon), we can relocate your alarm system to your new home, or put a new one in your new home. If you move outside of the region, you simply make the alarm agreement a part of the sale of your home, and the incoming homeowners can take advantage of the security hardware that is protecting their new home.

Unlike many of our major competitors, with Pacific Alarm Systems you own your hardware.

Pacific Alarm Systems provides you with uncompromising safety and professionalism, while keeping our prices reasonable and our service second to none. PAS is a local full service Alarm and Low Voltage systems provider serving northwest Oregon with over 16 years experience, from our office in Seaside Oregon. We are pleased to offer Ademco alarm controls, the benchmark manufacturer for over 75 years. Your home is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and no one else can give you the flexibility in security options to ensure that your system is customized to suit your individual tastes, budget & security needs.

Absolutely, yes. We have a number of system configurations that can be adapted for pets of all sizes and quantities. Many of our customers have pets that are like family, and the security alarm system is designed with them in mind, as well.

While there is always a risk of a false alarm, Pacific Alarm Systems is dedicated to ensuring that false alarms are as rare as possible. To that end, PAS has partnered with Honeywell, the worlds leading provider of security alarm hardware, to ensure that the equipment you receive has been engineered to the highest specifications, and incorporates the latest developments in false alarm reduction hardware and software. Proper installation and user training are the two other factors that keep false alarms to a minimum.

When your alarm system goes off, a signal is sent to our monitoring facility over your telephone lines. One of our trained operators will immediately contact your home to ascertain if your home is safe. If no one is available on site to provide an abort code, the operator will contact the appropriate authorities.

The smoke alarms that are typically installed by construction companies are not of the same quality as the smoke sensors that we utilize. Plus, our smoke detectors are monitored 24 hours a day, whether your system is on or not, and whether you are home or not.

You can click here to send an email requesting a visit from one of our security professionals, or call 1-503-738-3600 and book an appointment.

Pacific Alarm Systems employs only highly trained, skilled, licensed technicians. Depending on your system size and complexity your installation will usually take approximately 8 hours, but can vary from a few hours to a few days for a more comprehensive system.

Almost all insurance companies recognize the value of a monitored security alarm system by giving customers a discount on their homeowners insurance policy. Typically, discounts range between 5 and 20%.

Yes- Pacific Alarm System offers several solutions so that a protected premise is not inadvertently compromised as landline technology has changed or dropped for Voice over IP (VoIP) phone service. Pacific Alarm Systems has many alarm communication options besides the traditional phone, internet, cellular or radio.

If you switch to internet phone service aka Voice Over internet Phone (VOiP), please know the following
* In the event of a power outage your VOiP and internet stops working
* VOiP signal transmission can be unreliable and considered not suitable for LIFE SAFTY equipment.
* Alternative alarm transmission methods are available and should be used such as internet or cellular.
* Please contact PAS if you are thinking of switching to internet VOiP. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to notify PAS to ensure that your alarm continues to work correctly.

Nothing, your system is still functioning with a battery back-up. Your key pad will indicate A/C loss or no A/C.

The system is operating on battery power. If some lights are out on the property, check the circuit breakers & fuses. Reset as necessary. If AC power cannot be restored & a “low battery” message appears, call for service.

There are 2 types of Low Battery
1- Indicated by zone number on your keypad when wireless device.
2- Main panel battery when no zone number shown.

You can silence the keypads warning (beeping) by pressing the OFF key. The Low Battery message will still display as a reminder that you have a low battery condition in one or more of your wireless sensors. When you replace the battery with a fresh one, the sensor sends a good battery signal to the control. The display will clear automatically within approximately 1 hour.

This indicates that a failure has occurred on the telephone communication portion of your system. Before you call us please note the following questions- Are all your telephone lines working in the home?
Is your telephone company doing any work in the area?
Have you changed your telephone system?
Please know that ALL telephone systems are not the same.
(Please call if you are considering a change)
Call for service

Most residential fire alarm systems the smoke detector has a LED light that under normal operation will flash (red or green) approximately every 30 seconds. The smoke detector that has tripped, the RED light will be on constantly.

You can silence a fire alarm at any time by pressing the OFF key. Your security code is not needed to silence fire alarms. NOTE: Check ALL areas for source of fire or heat before resetting your system.

1-DO NOT silence alarm until you are sure its not a fire
2- SILENCE ALARM by entering: OFF on the keypad. You only need to do this once.
3- Call 1-800-827-3624 to cancel alarm & fire department dispatch. Have your ACCOUNT # and PASS CODE
4- Ventilate the smoke (cooking etc..)
5- Fan Fresh air through the smoke detector
6- RESET the alarm by entering: USER CODE + 1 (off) do this 2 times
7- Keypad should read; Disarmed Ready To Arm (showing green light)

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