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Fire Alarm Systems

When it comes to fire protection, every second counts

Fire is one of the deadliest threats to your home it has the ability to destroy everything in its path within minutes. With proper fire protection you can substantially increase the likelihood of detecting a fire before it becomes a threat. Traditional smoke detectors in homes are sounders and only benefit when someone is there or hears it.

That is why quality fire alert preparation is critical to protect your family. Unlike burglars, fires do not discriminate; they take everything. In the event of a fire, your system can contact our 24-hour Monitoring Center, which will then notify the appropriate fire authorities. All systems have ample battery back-up, should your power fail. 

Fire Alarm Systems by Pacific Alarm Systems

Pacific Alarm Systems provides fire alarm systems for virtually any commercial or residential application. Each year, fire kills more Americans than all natural disasters combined.

*At least 80% of all fire deaths occur in residences. (Many of these events could have been avoided with the proper use of a fire alarm, carbon monoxide detector and smoke detectors.)

Looking for instructions to reset your fire alarm?

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