Proud Sponsors of SOLVE

Pacific Alarm Systems are Proud sponsors of SOLVE Oregon.

Securing the Future:

Pacific Alarm Systems Partners with SOLVE for Cleaner Coasts in Oregon

From Alarms to Action:

Pacific Alarm Systems has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship through its collaboration with Solve, a dedicated volunteer group in Oregon aimed at preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the region. Through their partnership, Pacific Alarm Systems has actively participated in Solve’s clean-up events and provided crucial local support in Seaside, Oregon.

By joining forces with Solve, Pacific Alarm Systems has not only contributed to the cleanliness of the environment but has also fostered a sense of community engagement and responsibility towards maintaining the ecological integrity of Seaside. Their involvement underscores their dedication to corporate social responsibility and underscores the importance of businesses working alongside grassroots organizations to effect positive change in local communities.

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